If you're on this page right now I want you to understand one thing:

YOU have the potential to be the ONE DAD that Changes Your Family Tree Forever.

My only question is - Are you ready to answer the call?

Here's what it means to be The Warrior Dad:

The Warrior Dad dares to be uncommon in an all too common world.

He stands up to the way society sedates and programs men.

He fights for his children's future to be better than his own.

He leads himself first so his family follows.  

The time to get into the fight is now!

You only get 18 seasons with your kids.

By age 12, 75% of the time you get with your children is gone.

And by age 18, 95% of the time you get with them is gone as they leave the nest.

If you're still reading this right now, no matter how old your kids are, this is your call. 

It's time to take action and rise as The Warrior Dad you were born to be!

My name is Jeff Wickersham, creator of the ground breaking program: The Warrior Dad Experience.

My name is Jeff Wickersham, creator of the ground breaking program: 

The Warrior Dad Experience.

After losing my mom to breast cancer in 2014, I realized one thing.

Family IS everything.

In that moment I made it my mission to become all I could be, not just for me but for my sons, Jackson & Carter and my wife Heather.

I dove deep into personal development and found all the keys to success which allowed me to:

- meditate for 2,000+ days straight
- recently join the 1,000 lb club at the young age of 49
- and most importantly break the generational traumas of my family and change my family tree forever.

Once I began to see success and improvement in my life, other dads started asking how I was doing it.

And thats when the Warrior Dad Experience was born.

The Mission?

Help 1,000,000 dads change their family tree forever by January 1st, 2053.

Will you be one of them?

If so, click the button below to schedule a transformation session with me today.

Now, you may be wondering, what are the benefits of The Warrior Dad Experience?

To put it simply, in this 10-week, groundbreaking experience you will unlock the next level in yourself and in your children.

Here's some of the main benefits other dads have reported:

  • Foundation for Sustained Growth Personally and Professionally: We control the AM and PM Bookends of our days to create energy, focus, abundance and more time in our lives.
  • Increase Your Intentionality with your Children: Be present in the moment of the time you spend with your kids.
  • Peak physical, mental, emotional health: Learn the cutting edge strategies to be in the best shape physically and mentally you've been in your life.
  • ​Plant Seeds of Growth in Your Children: Lead and guide your children by teaching them what you learn to set them up for success, these methods aren't taught in schools.
  • Become More Consistent and Accountable: Be the type of dad who shows up every day regardless of how he feels, be accountable and congruent with your word.  
  • ​​Conquer your demons and negative self-talk: Harness the power of your mind to help you rather than stop you, preprogram your subconscious for success.
  • ​​Eliminate kryptonites that are holding you back: Remove those negative vices that you know you should stop but haven't.  
  • Stress relief and controlling emotions: Learn startegies to conquer anxiety and stress to create sustained happiness.
  • Be damn proud to look at yourself in the mirror: Develop an inner self confidence that will be felt by everyone you come in contact with.
  • ​​Create a legacy that will live on for generations: Create a foundation of growth for your family and the coming generations.
  • ​​Brotherhood and acceptance: Be in a group of dads that are on their toes and attacking life, supporting each other along the way.   


It's a real, 1 on 1 conversation with me personally to see if you would be a right fit for the brotherhood.

Not everyone is, and I'm not shy about letting people know when that's the case.

I'm not here to pressure you into joining some "program".

I'm here to see if you're ready to step up and take the future of your family into your hands.

Because frankly speaking, The Warrior Dad Experience isn't just some "program".

It's more than that.

It's a transformational brotherhood, with a big mission.

Which is exactly why I'm selective about who I let in.

If I wasn't I would be doing a disservice to every dad who trusted me.

That being said, if you need some more proof of the power of The Warrior Dad Experience check out the videos below.


Click the videos below to watch

Alex Laperouse, President of Greenberg Properties, Dad of 4

Jeff Sanford, SVP of Asset Magement Company, Dad of 1

Bo Evans, US Navy Operations Officer, Dad of 3

Jim Curran, VP of Sales, 
Dad of 2

Paul Jones, Company Founder, Dad of 2 

Marco Grandi, Leadership Trainer , Dad of 2 

Tristen O'Brien, Associate Director , Dad of 2

Shawn Clark, CEO of CRG Properties, Dad of 1 & 1 on the way

Tyler Milton, Sales Leader, 
Dad of 1

Dave Pearson, _____, 
Dad of ____

Damian O'Doherty, ____,
Dad of ____

Neldon Higgs, ____,
Dad of ____

(P.S. This is just a handful of The Warrior Dads...)

Remember - It only Takes ONE DAD, to Change A Family Tree FOREVER.

Will it be you?

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