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Mark was a skeptic.

Mark plays at a very high level in his life personally and professionally.

He’s an accomplished and well respected ER doctor, dedicated husband and dad of 4 boys.

His younger brother Alex (graduate of Class II) kept telling him about this program he had just joined called "The Warrior Dad Experience".

Alex wanted him to join.

Mark said, “I’m a pretty damn good dad.”

He felt he didn’t need it.

It took him two months of watching and observing how I show up and lead each day.

He listened to my podcast, followed my posts.

He saw the stories of other dads who’ve chosen to answer the call.

He chose to jump in, burn the boats and commit to The Warrior Dad Experience.

It created a calmness and structure that he didn’t know he needed.

It was something he didn’t know his family needed.

The experience was so transformative that halfway through Mark felt inspired to create Warrior Dad lapel pins which I now send to everyone joining the program. (see where the red arrow is pointing on his photo above)

Now, he doesn’t have to think about what to do now.

He takes action each day.

He has the system he didn’t know he needed.

His family is following.

One day through The Experience, he heard his 15-year old son singing in the shower.

His son came downstairs and said he was happier than he’s been in years.

Mark was changing his family's future.

They were building the foundation to thrive in life.

His wife left him a note, “Mark, you’re my knight in shining armor.”

This doesn’t happen by chance.

This happens by intentionally showing up your best each day.

This happens from intentionally pouring into your family.

Mark has the structure.

Mark is happier than he’s ever been.

Mark tapped into layers he didn’t know existed in him.

Mark and his family are better off from the lessons he’s learned.

That’s The Warrior Dad way.

He told me he was forever grateful in a message.

Dads, that’s how ONE DAD changes his family tree forever.

You can be that DAD!

Dare to be uncommon.


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Alex Laperouse, President of Greenberg Properties, Dad of 4

Jeff Sanford, SVP of Asset Magement Company, Dad of 1

Bo Evans, US Navy Operations Officer, Dad of 3

Jim Curran, VP of Sales, Dad of 2

Paul Jones, Company Founder, Dad of 2 

Marco Grandi, Leadership Trainer , Dad of 2 

Tristen O'Brien, Associate Director , Dad of 2

Shawn Clark, CEO of CRG Properties , Dad of 1 and another on the way

Tyler Milton, Sales , Dad of 1

(P.S. This is just a handful of The Warrior Dads...)

Remember - It only Takes ONE DAD, to Change A Family Tree FOREVER.

Will it be you?

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